How Record Expungement Can Benefit You

There are benefits to having your criminal record expunged. Whether you are trying to get a new job, a specialist license, citizenship, or even a flat, people reviewing the application may want to know if you’ve ever been convicted of your criminal charge. If you have a conviction for a criminal charge in your record, it isn’t likely that you will be chosen for the work, promotion, given your professional license, considered for citizenship, or perhaps even be allowed to rent a flat. Further, if you get excited about legal proceedings as a celebration or simply a witness, you will be in question about your past criminal history. When you have convictions in your history, the court or a jury may be unlikely to trust your testimony as a witness or they could doubt the merits of your case if you are a celebration.

Since the tragic attacks of 9/11, routine background checks of current employees and potential employees have become more widespread. Several years ago, a simple criminal conviction may well not have had any impact, but today a criminal conviction may bar you from career opportunities, or advancement, or may cause you to reduce your current job. An expungement of any criminal case has benefits, but perhaps the most valuable is usually to be in a position to check ‘No’ when asked by your employer or a potential employer about your past. Ohio expungement law permits a person to deny any conviction or arrest that is expunged and sealed.

Expungement of an criminal conviction is an outstanding way to place the past behind you and close a chapter on the past mistake. With an expungement of the record, a person can go forward with their life without having to be haunted with a prior conviction or needing to disclose a criminal record. Expungements provides a clean slate, satisfaction, and the freedom to pursue career opportunities that may well not have been available with a criminal history.

Whether you have been convicted of the misdemeanor or felony offense, a long lasting criminal record can make it difficult to move on with your daily life. That’s the reason it is important to spend money and time to get record expungement to finally put days gone by behind you once and for all.

Expungement is a legal process in which a criminal conviction, charge, or arrest is erased. Once an archive is expunged, you can honestly say that he/she hasn’t been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime.

Listed below are five benefits of Rand & Gregory Attorneys at Law Fayetteville:

Obtain employment – Many employers conduct criminal background checks on potential employees and tend to be reluctant to employ a person with a criminal history. In case your record is expunged, you can lawfully answer “no” when you’re asked if you’ve been convicted of a crime.

Find a destination to live – Landlords, like employers, also conduct criminal background checks on potential tenants. If a potential landlord learns about your criminal record, he/she may either find a more ideal tenant or ask you for an increased rent and/or deposit.

Get yourself a loan – Taking right out a loan may help you jump start your daily life after serving your sentence; however, some loan agencies believe people that have police records will have trouble paying back their loans. This belief may lead to getting your loan application denied or being at the mercy of high-interest rates.

Apply for college or university – Even juvenile criminal records can have a detrimental effect on advanced schooling endeavors. College administrators typically deny job seekers who’ve been charged or convicted of an crime as a kid or a grown-up. Having a criminal history expunged may prevent universities from knowing your criminal past.
Peace of mind – Lastly, realizing that you don’t have a record following you anywhere you go is liberating. You may finally live life as being a normal citizen.

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